Thursday, August 05, 2010

Not much...

Not much really going on but my grandma insisted that I do a blog before our big family I will find some pictures and talk about them...hmmmm

Scott and Tyler dancing during a night out at Delagal Marina's grand opening. It was a fun family evening! Mommy and Myla chilling in the sun at Delagal.

Brother and sister chilling on the couch.

Friends came in town to meet Myla and we took them to the beach for their 1 year old daughters 1st time! As you can see Tyler loved the tide pools and he brought his fishing pole. He still does not like the big water and the waves.

Tyler at soft play at the mall, he learned a new sign...must have learned at church...looking through binoculars or something. It's fun to see him learning new things and saying new grown up things everyday! His newest word/annoyance is HUH? every time you say something...HUH?

Abby came to visit this last weekend and we had a really wonderful time seeing her and hanging out with her sweet family. Scott's brother, Doug was going to marry this sweet girl before he was killed 8 years ago. She has since found a wonderful man and has 2 beautiful daughters. It was really great to see her and talk with her, since we only keep up through facebook and blogs. She showed me how to use these cloth diapers on Myla...which she uses pretty much full time on her youngest daughter, which inspired Scott's mom to buy me some for my baby shower...won't be doing it full time...but maybe around the house...AFTER her poop for the day!!!
Oh, did I mention that Myla is really BIG!

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Abby and Pete said...

hope you guys have fun on your trip! LOVED seeing you all!!