Sunday, June 20, 2010

Myla is 1 month!

Myla today!

I can't believe it's been a month already (4.5 wks). Myla is growing and changing so much already. It makes me sad to see the time fly by so fast. When I look back at the past 2.5 years with Tyler I am just in amazement of how fast it really goes. It makes me emotional to think how fast Myla is going to grow up too. At her one month appointment today she weighed 11lbs 11oz and was 23.5 " long. This makes her off the charts in both height and weight...right along with her brother. As I posted on facebook I'm predicting that she is a brown haired, blue eyed, 6' tall, left handed, professional tennis player. US OPEN champ 2028!
Re-cap of the last month:

1. Mom and Dad stayed in Savannah until Myla was a week and half old. Mom helped a lot with Tyler, and helped Scott with some flower planting, she helped me with housework, my sanity and emotions. Dad played with Tyler and hung out at Johne and Jenny's. and held his granddaughter a bit too :).

2. We had our buddy Ron came to visit us, it wasn't as exciting for him as he's used to with a new baby and Scott working, but they got up on the water ski's a bit and we watched the French open on TV.

3. Once everything calmed down a bit and my hormones were back in check, Tyler, Myla and I survived our first full day alone together. AND Tyler was GREAT! He was a big helper, didn't make it hard on me at all and we had a great day. I think God knew I needed that! Tyler really loves his little sister, comments how cute she is, rocks her when she cries, always wants to hold her as soon as she falls asleep OR I am nursing her!
4. We have been blessed by a dozen or so meals provided by our small group and my MOPS friends. It has really been wonderful for me not to stress out on what I'm feeding Scott for dinner. And the food has been amazing!
5. June 11th Myla and I had our first overnight sleepover party with the End of the Year MOPS leadership party. It was fun to be around all my mommy friends and be able to talk about mom and wife stuff and not feel so crazy...because we all have our "stuff"

6. Tyler in a Toddler Bed! He doesn't really get the fact he can come out yet, which is a good thing I guess...until he screams for you to come get him and you don't want to get out of bed and just want him to come to you! He's starting to catch on though. This week we are switching it to a full size bed and hopefully painting his room in the next week to match his new bedspread that Grandma A bought for him. And I want to put navy blue curtains up to keep out the sunlight so he'll go to bed earlier and sleep in later! This 6am stuff is not fun for mommy and daddy!
6. June 18th was our 5 year anniversary...grandma/grandpa took Tyler for the night and Scott and I ordered take out (with $25 gift from his parents :)) and watched 2 movies, one at night and one in the morning!! Scott bought us a Japanese Maple to put in our yard and made up a bunch of traditional stuff that goes with it. I got him a dual view digital camera...both of ours crashed...did you know they only have a 5 year life span? they do that on purpose so you have to continue buying annoying! It was a great way to spend the evening with my husband and Myla did great and slept the whole time (tyler never would have done that...remember Tyler cried every night from 5-11pm it seemed!)
7. This week we have a new wave of visitors, my grandma, my aunt debbie and her friend.

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