Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tyler meets the Dogs

I don't know what I was so afraid of...Bert is a little hyper but both him and Max LOVE Tyler and Tyler gets SO EXCIITED when they are around. Tyler LOVES them! Here are some pictures to prove it!
Yesterday Grandma took us to Target and bought us a new diaper bag and a new Baby Einstein. A Day on the Farm! We will test it out today! Here is Tyler in the car seat that my Grandma's freind Helen lent us for the week inside her car with her license MABURT. My Grandma's friend also lent us the really cool old fashioned high chair too. I love it!


Johnnie Avocado said... that first picture....don't look over your shoulder, there is a massive cricket with an attitude staring you down!!! I think he wants your first-born...hahaha!

Carrie and Scott said...

ha ha..that is a strange piece my mom has in her house...i don't ask questions anymore! Funny you could see what it was!