Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The "Prom" picture...Scott gets one too (you know the picture that my mom always took of me and my date on the way to a dance in front of the tree in the front yard?)! Anyways, we are on the way to the reunion reception.

Can you find me?

The girl gang! (Me, Jill, Rachel, Paula, Stacy, and Kelly)

So, I survived my High School reunion this week. It felt like the first day of school all over again. It was great to see everyone...everyone that showed up anyway. I would say about 25% of the class showed up. Friday night we had a family night picnic. I think the kids out numbered the adults! It was cool to see everyone's kids and matching them up to each other. It was tough to have any meaningful conversations though because everyone was chasing around their kids. Saturday morning was the golf outing. Scott and I went and had a blast. Only 5 other guys showed up. Our team won the best shot competition with a 3 under par. I even scored a birdie all by myself on a par 3. Then we all (all 7 of us) went out for lunch. Saturday night we had a reception, which included a small slide show of pictures and memorable songs...oh and Superman showed up, Brandon Routh (B.J. to us). Yes, he graduated with us and is my cousin Jimmy's good friend. Scott said he really enjoyed seeing a blast from my past. Unfortunately I didn't get very many pictures, but everyone is compiling all the pictures together so everyone can view them. I'm glad I went and hopefully we will talk the people that didn't come into coming in 2018.

Grandma and Great Grandma babysat Tyler all day on Saturday! The day before Tyler pulled Max's (older dog) hair and got nipped at which was very scary, but Tyler's fair skin makes everything look worse than it is. Thank God nothing bad came out of it, other than a scared baby and a few red marks!

We spent Sunday at my Aunt Carla's and Chuck's farm house, pulling up it looked as though a tornado went through with trees and branches thrown all over the yard. They had a storm last weekend that destroyed their trees once again. Carla gave me a tour of the garden and we pulled out a yellow squash the size of my calf and a zuccini squash the size of my forarm. We grilled them for was yummy. It definitely motivates me to start trying a garden of our own. I would really love it, but can I do it????? Everything seems to grow really fast and intense here in Savannah so it can't be that hard...can it? We'll see...updates later!

On the way home from the farm there were some intense storms rolling through Des Moines. At one point I made Scott turn the car around and go the other way. We ended up going completely around the storm and only had sprinkles on our windsheild, which was pretty amazing.

We made it back safely to Savannah, but not before we took these photo's of Tyler with his Grandma and Grandad. We'll miss you!

Bye Grandma and Grandad!


LoveLladro said...

Hey there hot mama! You look fantastic! I spotted you right away... righteous bangs ;~)

Sorry to hear about the dog nip! That really stinks, glad to hear everyone is ok though ;~)


Looks like you had fun! Time really flies quickly! I just had my 15 year reunion. As for the storm - OH MY! I'd have made him find shelter! (I'm terrified of storms.)