Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Swim Suit BUG

Every woman hates swimsuit shopping, am I right? Well, now I have a whole new perspective on swimsuit shopping and why I hate it! It also doesn't help that I had a baby in the last year either...but anyway. Friday I tried to go to Target to find a suit, but Tyler was a little too restless so I decided to wait until maybe mommy could go alone. Well, then Scott offered to go with me Friday night. Perfect now he can help me out. I was in search for a two piece with a short mini skirt bottom. Finally found some a Macy's...like 100. So I tried on 15-20 it seemed. I bought 2, both on sale. Friday night come home, try them on again to decide, no decision not really happy with either. Scott and I decide to go out to the dock...it was beautiful and no bugs! As we were coming in...I was feeling a little nauseous. And then it hit me and hit me HARD! I threw up everything for the next 2 days, with low-grade fever, and you guessed it diarrhea. I couldn't do anything! It was horrible. I don't know how I could have gotten it except the swimsuit dressing room. It couldn't of been food poisoning because everything I ate Thursday and Friday Scott ate as well. I can't remember the last time I've been that sick let alone breastfeeding and taking care of an infant. It was a good thing it was on a weekend and Scott was amazing...we even hosted our small group from church for a full day of fun on the water. I stayed in bed. Monday I was a little better...but still weak from not eating for 2 days. Today a little better...but talk about a crash diet ladies!

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Oh Yikes! Hope it goes away soon! On another note - for the first time ever I ordered my swimsuit online and I love it! It's a 2 piece and has got the short mini-skirt style bottom. I'll email you the link.