Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Ava!!!

We are so honored to be able to celebrate with Pat and Kristen for their daughter Ava's first birthday. She was the first baby born of all of our friends in Maryland. We had a great day introducing Ava and Tyler, opening some presents (a new outfit and her first purse that included keys, a cell phone, and mirror).
Then we had lunch, nap time, then we headed down to you guessed it...River Street. Tyler and Ava were amazing and were having a great time in their strollers checking out the beautiful scenery. There was a Latino Festival on River Street so we saw some dancing and heard some great music and then Pat treated Ava to some cotton candy, she wasn't so sure about all that cottony sugary fuz. Next we took the ferry across the Savannah River just for fun. We then headed up to Lady's and Sons and toured the Paula Deen store and then over to City Market where we saw the chariot horses and ate at Wild Wing Cafe. Like I said Tyler and Ava were champs but you could tell they were pretty exhausted by the end of the night. Once we got home it was time for Ava's birthday cake, so we stripped her down and let her go to town on her cake.

She was so adorable! I am so glad that they are here visiting...just giddy. Here is how Scott describes my excitement in an email to them earlier this week...

Dearest Pat and Kristen!

The simple thought of the possibility of having friends from Annapolis visit has Carrie in a childish grade school rage. She was so excited last night she peed the bed and then couldn't sleep from pure hysteria. You would have thought Mickey Mouse was coming to town. You'll be surprised to see how homely Carrie has become now that I keep her barefoot in the kitchen and pregnant. Not only that but since we have moved to Georgia she has developed a tremendous southern draw and sometimes needs to use sign language to communicate with northerners.

From Columbia it is a very easy drive if you take 26 to 95 to 204. After 204 it would be the 5th traffic light (Rio Rd). Got swim suits? We will have the help make up the guest suite on the west wing of the property for you.

What will make your visit even better is the sad fact that I will be at a meeting in Texas; so the ability for you all to keep Carrie occupied and entertained would be legendary. I'll be sure to leave a cake, a high chair, and a water hose for Ava.


You are so funny honey...I love you!


LoveLladro said...

How cool that you got to see Ava on her first birthday! I just thought about them yesterday because I realized what day it was! Isn't it incredible how all of our lives have changed! Maybe someday we will make it down there to visit! I have always wanted to see Savannah!

Oh and Chase isn't amused at the competition ;~) Tyler is looking awfully cute in those pictures!

The Townleys said...

I am so glad you guys all got to hang out! What a great weekend! One day we'll get all these kids together....THAT will be crazy!

Carrie and Scott said... was so cool. And I can't wait for you all to come visit...maybe I should have Pat and Kristen exaggerate how great it is here...and maybe then y'all will come down very soon!

And yes a 2005-2006 small group reunion with kids would be CRAZY! CRAZY FUN that is!!


Looks like a fun weekend! Mike and I have been talking about a weekend trip to Savannah - your posts about River Street always have me drooling! My in-laws will be there in just a few weeks.