Thursday, February 14, 2008

Surgery Outcome

The surgery to remove the cyst on my ovary was a success. My ovary is still in place...the Dr. took his time and made sure to do everything to save it...instead of 45 minute operation he took almost 2 hours...there was not only 1 cyst but 2 connected to each other. One was 2" and the other 2 cm...something like that...I don't really know...I'm still a little dazed about the whole thing. I remember when I woke up being really cold and in a lot of pain. They kept me in recovery for almost 2 hours and then wheeled me to the next room and said..OK get into that chair. I about puked as I transferred myself without hardly any help to the chair. Later that day once I got home I really panicked about how much pain I was in. Good thing I had so many people there to help me and help me calm down and understand that I had to take the pain medicine. The Dr. called back later to coach me on the pain and reassured me that the pain I was in was normal. But it is better to deal with it at home than hooked up to IV's at the hospital. I am glad I was home but it is also scary not knowing how much is too much pain. Anyways I stuck to the pain medicine and am still on it. I am still in a lot of pain, I can't imagine not taking the medicine. If you think of it, I pretty much had a C-Section minus the uterus layer. And now my baby is 16lbs not a newborn. Luckily I've had so much help and I've been in bed only to get up for the bathroom and a quick shower this morning. Tyler is being really good for everyone, he had some pumped milk, but now is nursing again...they say the only effects should be some sleepiness from the medicine I'm taking...which is a good thing if anyone knows my son. The challenge is always getting him to sleep...he fights it so much.

Thanks for all your support and prayers...I'm slowly getting better...which is really driving me nuts...I just want to be back to normal again...I'm making myself take it easy.

In other news...we are on a septic tank NOT public sewer!

Also my sweet grandma left today...she did so much for us...she will be missed...more pictures and update on our 10 days together later.




Carrie - I'm glad you're doing well. Having had 4 c-sections - I can totally relate to the pain!!! Don't be a hero yet - take the medicine!! Speedy Recovery! Michelle

Concernednursingmom said...

Hi - I happened upon your blog and I really hope you feel better. I'm not sure what type of medication you are taking but there has been alot of recent news about the side effects of Codeine and Percocet on the breastfeeding infant as a few have overdosed. While I'm not trying to offend you by posting, it is better to be safe than sorry so I'd rather post and offend than not post.
Hope you have a speedy recovery!

LoveLladro said...

hey there! i am glad the surgery went well! i hope you are recovering nicely!