Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Great Aunt Chris and Great Grandma Suesy Visit

My Aunt Chris visited last week for 3 nights. We had a great time and Tyler was smiling and cooing away for her. She helped out so much and even made 2 batches of lasagna for us...one to eat and one to put in the freezer for later. My brother and Jenny took her downtown and they walked on River Street and had lunch. Otherwise we just hung around the house and tried to calm Tyler and get him to be Happy Baby. I'm so happy she came down...it means a lot to us to have our family see where we are living and the reasons why we are so happy here.

Sunday night we hosted our 2nd Annual Super Bowl party. I was going for the Giants as my friend Kristen says, "keeping it in the family." We are both Peyton Manning/Colts fans. Scott was in charge of all the games outside, Jenny made the Super Bowl Game board (free squares this year with crazy medical supply prizes). And I was in charge of the Chili (which was pretty spicy but turned out to be a hit because I didn't have near as much left over as I did last year!) oh and I made some pretty sorry looking chocolate chip cookies, but they were good anyway. We celebrated 5 January Birthdays from our small group: Happy Birthday Jeff, Bethany, Ken, Scott, and Greg!!! Scott and the boys played some paint ball shooting contest, football, and everyone roasted marshmellows for smores with the chiminea. Tyler was a little bit fussy because he refused to nap all day long, but everyone still enjoyed seeing and holding him. Kimberly finally got the little squirt to sleep at the end of the game...and I got to watch the best part of the game (the winning drive!). It was a blast and I am so glad everyone came!

And another visitor!

Yesterday we picked up Great Grandma at the airport. She will be spending the next 10 days in this crazy household of ours. Scott leaves on business for 3 nights, his first time away from Tyler. My surgery to remove the cyst on my ovary is scheduled for February 12th, the day before I have to do a bowel cleanse...FUN! Tyler had a procedure done last week and he is doing great...he's my little champion. Here is how much he has grown!

Tyler on December 18th, 2007.
Tyler on February 5, 2008 (7 weeks later)

Lastly, to all those new moms out there....do you ever find yourself listening to what others are doing with their little ones and feel like maybe your doing something wrong? I know everyone wants to be the perfect mom. Someone once told me that your baby thinks you're perfect and that's all that matters...we are all doing our best and every baby is so different. It's hard to read books and listen to advice when each baby has their own quirks. Anyways, good luck all you new mothers and hang in their with all the books, news reports, other mothers advice, and so on. You are doing your best and as long as you love your little baby with all your heart and pray everyday...everything is going to be just the way it's supposed to be.



LoveLladro said...

Love those smiles!


Carrie - Good luck Tuesday! I will be praying for a smooth surgery and fast recovery for you. - Michelle