Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Tyler is 4.  I feel way more than 4 years older than the day he was born!  We have had a crazy last 4 years and have so many memories and pictures of adventures!  I am just overflowed with joy Tyler has brought to our life and our family. 

We are in Iowa to celebrate, 2 years ago we celbrated here as well.  God has really blessed us with 2 wonderful families that all get to share in watching our kids grow up so closely!  My mom and grandma helped get the kids and I here for Thanksgiving and Tyler's birthday and it has been so much fun so far!

Today for Tyler's birthday my cousin Jimmy took him bowling....3 games!  He also got 2 strikes!!!  Then to Cici's for lunch.  Then Aunt Jenny took 4 year old pictures outside and they didn't even need me to help!  We attempted some Christmas photo's of the kids...only 4 were even remotely useable and those 4 will be our Christmas card this year...kind of comical, it was Grandma's vision. 

Then came the highly anticipated Birthday Party!  Tyler knew all about what was going to happen, cake and presents!  The cake was specially made by Great Grandma Suesy, highly decorated with fish and a #4!  He blew out the candle and soon after was ready for presents!  After reading one of the cards he really gave a funny face and sincere laugh, something about banana's.  Gifts galore were so awesome and so appreciated!  Tyler has been looking forward to this day since Myla's birthday 6 months has been a long countdown, but he has been so patient. 
 An Iowa and a Georgia magnet!

Before we left for Iowa, Tyler had a birthday party at his school classroom with Krispy Kreme doughnuts as the class treat and also a McDonald's Playland party with his cousins, with cake and ice cream at our house.  So many birthday celebrations for Tyler this year and all were so much fun!  He is really enjoyed the build up to becoming's official, today!

Tyler you are so loved, and may God continue to bless you.  Thank you Lord for my precious boy!

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