Friday, April 22, 2011

to catch up....

these are just going to be random thoughts jotted down.......

Myla is working on her first molar=equals no consecutive hours of sleep for mommy.

Tyler calls Scott and I MODDY...a mix in between mommy and daddy. sometimes he doesn't know who he is whining to.

We dedicated Myla on March 19th at Savannah Christian Church. Both Scott's parents and Rob and Amy had other plans and only Johne and Jenny were actually ironic? Anyways, Uncle Greg and Aunt Norma came, but missed the ceremony because it was the very first thing, even before singing! We invited everyone over for dinner after, we got Season's of Japan...yummy! And Myla got to wear the baptism type of was very pretty. I just pray that Scott and I can raise her the way God wants us too and that He will guide us.

Myla is cruising along and getting more and more confident on those feet. (still cruising as of June 12th!)

We are having her 1st birthday party on May 14th from 12-2...let the planning begin! Plus I have to complete her baby book and work on a 1st year video!

Swimming lessons start in May for both Tyler and Myla!

Scott sold the Ford Escape Hybrid...after 3 years and LOTS of miles. I figured it out, it cost us $198 a to find a new car...a honda odyssey for me w/dvd hopefully and a fuel efficient car for Scott with all his driving around with Real Estate. stay on or not? trying to keep a secure login...and really want to scale back the to do that without hurting people's feelings. Probably should make this blog private too.

We are loving our Sunday School Class/small group.

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