Monday, December 06, 2010

Tyler's Birthday!

Happy Turkey Birthday Tyler!

The crazy turkey cake that totally fell apart!

Playing "Hot Pumpkin" Tyler needed LOTS of help understanding how to pass it to the next person really fast. They all had fun though!
We played pin the tail on the Turkey...Tyler went first!

The "made with love" Turkey Pinata. My mom and I made over the course of 4 days! It was a blast and tons of great memories. Tyler didn't want to "bam" it...but did want the candy inside. He had one of his, "It's too loud and crazy" moments and retreated and wanted to go home! But I helped him rip open the "slightly re-inforced" pinata so him and the other kids could gather up the candy.

Blowing out all of his candles...he did it all by himself. The sure sign of a 3 year old!

And then opening presents!

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