Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pantry Drama

A couple days ago I was asked to bring desert to dinner with some friends. So I thought, what do I have all the ingredients for? Oatmeal cookies of course! So, I'm making my cookies and I go to get some flour out of the pantry (we had A LOT of flour, from a previous baking kick I had 6 months ago that ended after one day) and there was an infestation of those little weevils! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So gross...I opened another, yep and another...all of the flour was ruined! Then I thought, I'm throwing everything out, but yesterday I thought surely this brand new pancake mix will be fine....NOPE! So, completely disgusted I emptied out the entire pantry peeled off contact paper...scrubbed the shelves, had Scott spray for bugs...reapplied easy non-slip shelving paper from Dollar Tree, and now we have a pantry that I am hesitant to put any food in. I don't think I'll be shutting the door, new house rule is that nothing goes on the floor of the pantry so the bug man can spray...so on and so on. But talk about getting motivated to clean! We also got those airtight sealed containers to put only 1 bag of flour at a time. I will NOT be stocking up on anything again (grocery store is only 1 mile down my street!).

and by the way, I did the classic "borrow some flour from the neighbor" to finish my cookies, which were AWESOME!

All in all it was a VERY productive day...add 4 loads of laundry and a trip to TJ Max, the Dollar Tree, Wal-mart, and back to Dollar Tree with a 9 month old! (to find shelving paper and containers!)


LoveLladro said...

Oh... that sounds so icky! I hate when stuff like that happens! I am a big tupperware/plastic bin person!

Anonymous said...

You can put flour and pancake mix in the freezer too. Get it out when you need it and put it back in the freezer. Let it reach room temp before you use it. Plastic works great too (and looks nice). But there's no reason to hoard things in the cupboard -- especially things that bugs like (or mice). Trust me, I live on the farm :)

The Fromilles said...

haha, I can just see you tearing through the pantry throwing everything out!

I haven't caught up on blogs in so long... been busy! But it's good to see life in Savannah, and everywhere else your travels take you, seems to be good!